About dani

Since 2010, Dani Raine Photography has been creating and capturing unique stories and authentic images full of life, expression and individuality for so many amazing people.   I began photography years ago, as a middle schooler in love with developing film in the dark room.  I could have never imagined how much photography would change and shape who I am today, and how I would still be enjoying this craft all these years after I first fell in love with it. 

 A creative soul at heart, I'm only truly content when I'm creating things.  Photography has been my creative outlet for so long, but evolved as I became a wife and mother.  I know the value of keeping moments and memories alive, down to my core.  Nowadays, you can be sure I still enjoy personal artistic photography projects, where I shoot just for me.  But most often, I'm truly fulfilled when I'm sharing this talent with others:  capturing and sharing their joy, their stories.

I have an amazing husband, Travis, who is literally my rock in this world.  We have two beautiful, bright and energetic children, Caden and Harper Jo.  Our time is spent together as a family, staying active, enjoying the outdoors, crafting, building and traveling.  

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me doing some kind of creative passion project.  I am literally NOT LIVING if I'm not doing something creative, which means I'm tackling various crafts, such as sewing, crafting, DIYing, and cooking... sometimes juggling several projects all at once.  I'm also a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist, and enjoy freelancing all over Houston for events and weddings.  I am also an avid Crossfitter.

As a photographer, my hope is to capture your joy, whatever that may be:  your family, your new baby, your impending graduation from high school, your engagement.  Whatever your joy may be, my true calling is to find and capture that in the most honest way I know how.  

Thanks for stopping by, and I truly hope we meet soon!

All my Love,